Monday, May 14, 2012

What could be better than a cardboard box?

Last week our neighbor had some new furniture delivered and I noticed the empty cardboard boxes lined up in their driveway afterwards.  I snuck over and asked if we could have one for the girls to enjoy.  Of course they said yes......and oh what fun it was.....

I adore this photo.....Sophie, to me, is so pretty....if only she smiled more!

Clara had a blast trying out the box.  Inspecting all the corners.  Seeing just how much she could do within the confines....

....and she was slightly dissappointed to find that she couldn't stand all the way up while inside.  I love that we caught this shot. It makes me smile....

*** Sophie was not at all happy when she saw the box broken down and laying by the garbage pickup a few days later.  I think Daddy got a little attitude from her after. ***


  1. Oh my, big empty cardboard boxes! That really takes me back to my childhood!
    Love the photo of the two sisters together but that shot of Clara trying to stand up, that is so funny! Glad you got that one too.

  2. Sophie IS so pretty. That's not just the "your her mama"talking! Cardboard boxes are amazing! Such great ways to exercise the imagination and the body! It almost makes buying all those Pampers worth it! Hmmm, maybe the box is the bonus...and that's why they're so expensive...or maaaaybe it's the environmental impact on throwing them away that makes them expensive...naaaah. It's the marketing to Disney! Bam! xo


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