Monday, May 28, 2012

Garden Love

Tonight, as the sun started to set and the temperature became more bearable, I headed out to take a look at and some photos of the garden. I'm amazed at how much has grown in the past few days....

The watermelon plant, in all its glory.

We picked our first cucumber today. Woohoo!

The peppers are coming along quite nicely.

Beautiful basil.  Hello, Caprese.

The marigolds are so bright yellow.  I love them!

The tomatoes will be coming fast and furious soon.  I can't wait.

The zucchini blooms are about to bust out and party.

We're still loving our green bean crop.

Life is good in the garden.


  1. tried to leave a comment earlier but it all went mobile phone wrong-idy wrong. So sorry if this is a duplicate!

    Lovely to find your page via Ginny's - I'm staggered by all the things you're able to grow which would never survive our climate - where in the world do you live??

  2. Hi Little Macaroon ~ Thank you for visiting. We're located in sunny Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. It's pretty much always sunny and hot here. The one good thing about that is the gardening...we're lucky to be able to grow all kinds of nice things. Going to visit your blog in just a moment!

  3. Incredible Audrey!!! other summer full of veggies!!! Here people I know having a veggie garden until now the plants are small and no chance to grow to much, we'r having two days of sun and four of rain.I don't show your garden to anybody, they'll be very jelous.

    1. That IS a lot of rain. Would make for some tough gardening. Mine has also been slower to mature this year and I'm not really sure why. BUT we're now getting cucumbers, zucchini and small cherry finally something! Slowly, slowly...


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