Friday, June 1, 2012

It Doesn't Make Me Feel Bad!

I've always had a thing for what I will call Pothole Art.  I've been saving images of Pothole Art for a couple of years now.  Here are a few....

Duckies enjoying a city puddle via Color Me Katie

Yarnbombing Parisian Potholes found via CupofJo.

In early 2010, I pinned this image also via CupofJo.....

Then today the above image came back onto my radar when this video came across my desk....

It's called Holes of Happiness and it's made by the same guy who created that last image above.  In the video he captures people's reactions when they come across one of his pothole gardens for the first time.  My favorite reaction was the guy who said, "It doesn't make me feel bad.".  Hysterical.  Anyway, it's such a great project that makes people stop and smile and think.  What could be wrong with that?  "It's a positive feeling."

Too fun.  

This one reminds me of a fairy garden....

pothole garden clothes line steve wheen

You can see more via The Pothole Gardener.

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