Monday, June 11, 2012

Fortieth Fiesta Fun

On Saturday I hosted a Fiesta party in honor of Alain's 40th birthday.  Full Disclosure: his birthday was actually back in December but we were inundated with caring for Clara back then ~ the reflux was bad and we were barely sleeping.  Therefore I postponed the party and held it at the 40 1/2 point mark.  Everything turned out great and we had a wonderful time.  As is usual for me, I took almost no pictures.  Note to self: ask a friend to help take pictures or hire a photographer.  Luckily, Elizabeth reminded me to take pictures of some of my work before the party started. Thanks to her I can share this little glimpse of just a few party details....

Those cacti that I planted in the vintage pots were displayed around the house.

A glimpse of the dessert table.  I need to work on my dessert table skills....clearly.  They always seem fine in person but then look so skimpy in pictures.  Noted.  I ended up making a little garland with those Fiesta Flowers I'd posted about.

As always, Elizabeth made the cake.  I told her exactly what I wanted and she NAILED IT.  Just a nice simple white cake with the mini-pinata on top.  Hmmmm.....

Fruit kabobs displayed on palm leaves and a lovely flan.

Note: If you ever choose to use palm leaves for display, please be aware that they have crazy spines which hurt when they get stuck in your fingers.  Really hurt.  Before using them on the table, I donned some rubber gloves and pulled all the spines out. I'd have to think twice before doing this again....

Favor bags....filled with an assortment of yummy Mexican candies.


A close-up of the vintage fiesta fabric that I purchased a year and a half ago at the Atlanta Country Living Fair.  This fabric is what inspired me to choose a fiesta theme for the party.

I tried my first Jarritos on Saturday and it was so much better than I thought it would be. I'm sure it won't be my last!

Yet one more idea found and saved via Pinterest.

One of my favorite party details was the collection of Mexican postcards.  Guests could choose a card and write a message to Alain.  Sophie's was my favorite ~ it said, "I Love You, Birthday Boy".  She chose the words.  Too cute.

Another of my favorite details.  I borrowed my Dad's Crib Spring and made this sign using old letters I'd purchased at a Collectibles & Antiques Show.

Now you must've known I wouldn't ask for a very simple and plain white cake!!!  The cake was so gorgeous....the colors were of the prettiest cakes I've had the pleasure of eating.

A little display for the guest restroom.

And a few lovely flowers tucked in here and there!

I can't believe the party's over. I think I'll rest a few days and move on to the next one.....

PS ~ My Fortieth Fiesta Pinterest Board is where I saved all of these ideas and inspiration.

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