Monday, June 25, 2012

Clara is 11 Months Old!

I am delinquent in my monthly write-ups.  Keeping up with Clara is exhausting and doesn't leave time for much else. I started a 9-month write-up but obviously never posted it.  Anyway, the biggest news for Clara's months 9 and 10 is that she started walking.  Just after her 9-month birthday.  And she has not stopped since.  Just last week she started running.  Clara continues to be quite a talker. It's really adorable and I am always wondering what in the world she's talking about.  One thing is for sure ~ this baby has a lot to say.  Late last week she finally started to say "Uh Oh" of my favorite baby things.  She has also learned to blow kisses.  Yes, by still my beating heart.  So, here is my usual list but combining the last two months.....

Likes: Mozzarella Cheese (her favorite food without a close second), balloons, feeding Mommy, hearing the fire truck drive by the house with sirens blaring, crawling through and playing in the play tunnel, making sounds by banging toys together, going through all of the cabinets in the house (and sitting inside them!), walks in the wagon, eating with her hands (as opposed to being fed), other children, dancing, music, books, eating, being chased by Daddy, animal sounds, sneezing (she copies sneezes when she hears them), birds, dogs, clapping her hands, drinking water (she can hardly contain her excitement!), socializing with other people (she often calls out to strangers from her seat in the shopping cart when we're shopping), playing with Big Sissy, Hubbell, waving (she waves at everything), baby cookies, climbing. 

Dislikes: playing in the pool (at least when the water is remotely cool), having her diapers changed, getting dressed, being confined ~ she still doesn't like it in the car, the stroller or the high chair, sudden loud noises, when Mom leaves the room. 

Words I'd Use to Describe Clara: Interesting, talkative, smart, (a real) foodie, determined, feisty, independent, adventurous, free-spirited, social, outgoing, adorable, HIGH energy.


  1. I tried to comment but I couldn't get past the captcha thingys...I must be a robot!
    I just wanted to say that I can remember when Clara was just standing up in the flowers with no hands! She is growing up so quickly and she is a doll!
    Kay And I know I am not a robot, I am sweating like a ...well, not a robot!

  2. Hi Audrey, you won our giveaway. Check your email, but time is running out for you to claim the gardening book. I need to hear from you by tomorrow. Thanks!~Melissa


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