Monday, June 4, 2012

The Pollinators' Paradise

So, as I mentioned yesterday, we headed over to Freedom Park this weekend.  We all love Freedom Park but none more so than Alain.  With good reason.  Little Clara was sleeping when we arrived so I enjoyed a few nice & quiet moments to head into the Charlotte Garden of Love and Forgiveness.  Swoon.  I loved the little sign that said "Pollinators' Paradise" truly was and I had to borrow it for my title today.  Hope you enjoy the photos...


While tiptoeing around the little garden, I almost stumbled right over this little creature.  How adorable is this bird?  He/she was perfectly camouflaged in the dirt and as quiet as a mouse.  Seemingly, he/she also didn't mind posing for a shot!


  1. Love the idea of the peace and forgiveness garden. Your photos are blooming brilliant! No pun intended!

    1. I agree, Kay. And thank you for the nice compliment~ Welcome back to the blog ~ you know you were missed! Hope your trip has been going well!!! Can't wait to hear about it....


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