Monday, June 25, 2012

My Green Girls and a Wedding

My cousin's wedding was on Saturday and we attended as an entire family.  A first for us.  Clara makes going anywhere rather difficult.  Alain ended up standing  in the church lobby for the entire service and he also left the reception early to take Clara home.  The D.J. at the reception was not a friend of ours after Clara knocked over and broke his fan.  Like I said.  Having said that, we still had a very nice time.  I bought matching dresses for the girls after Sophie suggested that she might like for Clara to have a dress just like hers.  I never thought I was a fan of matching siblings.  I get it now.  These are the only decent shots I got while we were hanging out outside after the service.

My favorite part of the entire day was Sophie's dancing at the reception. She started dancing right when we least a full hour or two before anyone else started dancing.  Watching her just tickles my soul.  And she continued to dance until I dragged her out of there at around 10:00 PM.  That girl is a dancing fool. I tried to get some action shots!

There were actually some really nice party details that I liked at the reception and I took a few photos to remember them by.  I may just use them myself sometime....

I'm so happy for my cousin and thrilled that we were able to attend his wedding.  We're back home now after a week away and trying to settle back into a routine....


  1. So glad you listened to Sophie and had those matching dresses for them. Perfect!
    Love the photos of Sophie dancing. My son did the same thing at weddings. Will he dance as an adult? He will not!

    1. Ha ha ha, Kay, I don't know why but that made me laugh. My cousin who got married, and his father, don't dance. It makes me kind of sad. Dancing is pure happiness and I can't even imagine not dancing at your own wedding (and slow dances don't count!!!). I bet you have great memories of his cute little self dancing around in front of everyone!!! When do we lose that????

    2. Oh Audrey, he danced so much and loved it!
      Perhaps little boys are told by society that is is not "manly" to dance, but that is from society, he never heard that from me!


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