Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching Up

~ Whose idea was it to put Teachers' Appreciation Week, Mother's Day, my anniversary, voting day (for the record, I voted against Amendment One and was saddened to hear that the other side won) and the last soccer game all in the same week?  Whew.

~ With regard to Clara' hair, things were getting a little out-of-hand.  See below.

I finally decided that drastic measures were necessary. 

So we popped Clara into the taxi....

....and this lady got to work.

Clara's little baby curl laying on the floor.

"Hey, is this the cash cab???"

And, just like that, we have a newly coiffed baby girl.  

~ On Sunday, Sophie accidentally hit Hubbell in the eye with a tennis ball.  He screamed out in pain for what seemed like a very long time. After a couple of doctor's appointments, we finally discovered that Hubbell has Glaucoma in his right eye.....he has had Glaucoma for a long time.  In fact, he's completely blind in his right eye and probably has been for several years. Wow.  I've learned that this is not uncommon. Glaucoma is typically diagnosed in very advanced stages.  I'm quite disappointed in my normal vet for not seeing this earlier ~ isn't that what annual appointments are for?  The specialist let me see Hubbell's eye with his special light and the damage is extensive.  Sophie was relieved that she hadn't been the one to cause all of his troubles.  And I actually felt relieved for her accidental aim so that he could be diagnosed and we can start to help him. Since he's already blind, our main mission now is to keep the pressure down so that he is comfortable.The pressure in his right eye is four times the normal pressure.  We're starting his medications tonight and we have a follow-up appointment in two months.  Please keep your fingers crossed that the meds help him. If things continue to get worse, he will lose his eye.  Honestly, I am broken-hearted that he's been in pain and uncomfortable for some time. On the other hand, I am so relieved that it's nothing more serious.  I would be crushed if he had a life-threatening disease. I've been around many one-eyed dogs in my lifetime and I know that dogs are super-adaptable.  Vision is only their third strongest sense.  So I got this. I seriously do. I'm all over it.  As if he wasn't spoiled enough already, I can tell already in the last few hours that he will be even more spoiled.  I'm already looking for ways that I can help him knowing that he's half blind.  The precious little soul.

~ After almost a full 24 hours of rain, I am so excited that I haven't had to water my garden in two days.  I fully expect for it to look like a jungle the next time I go out there.

~ We put our window bird feeder right on the window near Atticus & Scout's cage. They get so excited when they see the outside birds approaching the feeder for a snack.  It's nice to watch and listen to them sing.

~ Recently I took Sophie to get her hair braided for the first time (I never have time to do it myself).  We both loved it and I thought she looked ADORABLE.

The "Before Shot"

~ I wanted to share my new favorite photo:

"Sisters, sisters...there were never such devoted sisters...."

~ Busy, busy, busy......


  1. Oh, so sorry for your sweet dog but glad that you found it out.
    Love the new haircut and the hair salon, how cool is that taxi seat?
    Love Sophie's braids, I'll bet that's cooler for her on the soccer field.
    Great photo of the sisters together!
    Remember to breathe!

    1. Thanks, Kay! Any chance that you know where that song is from? Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters. Never had to have a chaperone, no sir. I'm there to keep my eye on her. Caring, sharing.... I could go on as I love that song. Any idea?

    2. Oh yes, it is from the movie, "White Christmas" written by Irving Berlin. I knew it was Rosemary Clooney and another blonde, and I just looked it up, the other actress was Vera Ellen (although someone else dubbed the singing for her.) I am FULL of trivia like this, although sometimes I forget bits of it!

    3. YES! See, I knew you'd know it. I love that scene. When I was young, my friends and I would dress up and act/sing it out. It's so cute. Things were so innocent back then....

  2. Oh I love the picture of the two sisters together! Emilio and Benjamin are just starting to play more together and it really makes all the pain worth it to see them getting along. Benjamin has a hard time sharing (being three is not easy in any regard), but regularly shares his favourite part of any meal/snack with his brother saying "You are my baby brother and I will share with you" to which I silently swoon and Emilio nods all serious-like making his curly curls bounce. Sophie's hair is so cute plaited like that and Clara's new hair cut is adorable! I love how she has something in her mouth in EVERY shot...must be teething! Have a wonderful weekend Audrey, and enjoy Mother's Day as Mama to two wonderful daughters! xo

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Tia. We're off to a great start to the weekend ~ hope it continues. Soph's last soccer game is tomorrow (pooh), we have a birthday party and then Alain and I are having dinner with three other couples. A very rare night out sans children. Yeehaa! Watch out Charlotte!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures of the girls and the new hair style!!!I didn't open your blogg for a long time. The girls are growing so fast, is incredible seen them in these new pictures. Go... Sophie Go......!!!!!!Playing look great and Clara is an incredible baby girl....always looking for her sister, she is a special girl...very special. Love you family and thanks Audrey to share!!! Big kiss to you all
    Cris Abu

  4. Lately I am more and more aware of how fast they're growing...especially Sophie. Our conversations have taken off in more grown-up directions (questions about bodies, death, the universe, etc) ~ it's amazing. She has mentioned on occasion that certain things are too "babyish" for her. Whew. Makes me emotional. She's grown so quickly. But I like her more and more every single day. Thanks for visiting, Abu ~ we'd missed you....


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