Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just When You Thought.....

....I'd gotten over my canned ham obsession....

Ugh, I found these.

And I have to say that I am green with envy.  If I designed, well, anything, it would look exactly like these amazing cards and giftwrap.  I mean seriously.  They are PERFECTION to me.  Of course, someone else beat me to it.  Criky.  And I feel tortured right now because the online shop is not open yet and I have no idea where to buy this line of stationery.  If someone handed me a gift with that coral colored canned ham wrap, well, you'd probably have to pick  me up off of the floor.  It's so divine....

The company is Belle and Union.  They are my new favorite.  For sure.  Biggest fan.  Right  here.

PS ~ Ever check out my Canned Ham Board on Pinterest?  Love it.
PPS ~ If you need to know the background of my obsession, read on here.
PPPS ~ These images were found via The Sweetest Occasion, one of my favorite blogs.

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  1. Dear Audrey,
    You need to type in "Attic 24 and Connievan" and see Lucy's van that she calls Connievan. I love her blog too, she not crochets but she creates beautiful things and shares them with us!


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