Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Capturing Motherhood in a Photo

Oh, I do love Sophie's imagination. That girl is quite creative and enjoys some serious role-playing on a daily basis.  It's one of my favorite things....

Last week, we were at a friend's house setting up for a birthday party. The birthday girl was putting out plates on the table and Sophie asked if she could put out a plate or two. Her friend said no.  Sophie was crestfallen and cried sad tears the entire way home.  It hurt my heart to see her that upset so, when we got home, I pulled out the party supplies and offered her six party plates, napkins and cups......and suggested maybe she have a little party with her "Care Bears".  Well, the tears stopped IMMEDIATELY and she disappeared to her room.  A short while later, I turned the corner to find this.....

Grumpy, Oopsie, Cheer, Funshine and Share (from left to right ~ in case I forget one day) had a marvelous time and Mommy only saw huge smiles and received many hugs from Sophie the rest of the evening!!!


  1. My little guy had all of his "friends" named like this too, although he is grown now so he might not like me telling you this!
    One thing that C. liked that he thought I had made this up, but I got it out of a magazine: For bathtime fun, Take white styrofoam coffee cups, draw a face on the cup and where the mouth is, take a pen and poke it through to make a hole for the mouth...this is great fun in the bathtub!
    Sounds very simple but my son loved it! I guess he did this from about the ages of 3-6, my memory isn't too good! (You can do this as soon as the child knows they can't drink from the cup!)

    1. That is very cute and I can see why Christopher liked it so much! I feel strongly about NOT buying my daughter commercial character products ~ even her beloved Care Bears ~ and this just goes to show that you don't need to.....kids will make the fun with what they already have!!!!


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