Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy 300!

Just recently I surpassed my 300th post on this here blog o' mine.  I thought that deserved some recognition. so I took a few little photos in celebration.  Oh blog, you bring me such joy.  Thank you!


  1. 300! That IS something to celebrate. I think you should have a GIVEAWAY. (Hint hint)
    Really, 300 posts with two little girls, you must have a lot of energy! I love to see what you have to write about. I still think of "School" or "prison" and think of you! :-)

    1. Ha ha, in reality, I have NO ENERGY. I just love this blog and it's the one thing I do for myself. I would love to have a giveaway but have no time to buy something, send it, etc. But it will happen eventually. You'll win because you are my only "commenter"! (Smile) So glad that school/prison resonated with you ~ it's funny but it is VERY true. I think kids would learn more if the environment were more warm, welcoming, light and nature-filled.

    2. Dear Audrey,
      Warm, welcoming, light and nature-filled...that is EXACTLY what is needed! And I think adults could use the same thing.
      Ha! Now you know why I want you to have a giveaway, Brah-HA-HA (That is a wicked laugh)
      Of course your family is the most important focus for you now, but I am happy that you steal a few minutes to blog! :-) And trust me when I tell you, cherish these precious times with your girls, they grow up so quickly! :-)


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