Monday, August 20, 2012

Who Else Loves Sea Birds?

Is it just me?  Because, without fail, they take up the bulk of my pictures....

This little guy looks good from both sides, doesn't he?  What a cutie!

I loved the colors on this one!

Most of my bird photos look like that last one. They're FAST and getting them in the frame is a challenge!  

PS ~ To answer my own question, I think Clara loves the sea birds as much as me. She would get so excited when they were close by.  And she would grin from ear to ear while squealing, "Ba, Ba, Ba". I think Scout and Atticus may have something to do with that!


  1. Love the birds anywhere and anytime but at the seashore, you might have more time to sit and observe them. Birds move FAST so you did well to get such good shots!

    1. I love them ~ I could literally sit and watch them all day. There were a lot of tidal pools where we were and some of them were quite small ~ I'd watch a sandpiper take a bath in the puddle. Oh, it was so adorable!


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