Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not Quite Done With The Beach Yet....

I'm going through the hundreds of photos I took over the course of five days at the beach. Some of them make me pause and go back to look at them over and over.  I really love the nature ones. I hope you'll indulge me....

I am a shell fanatic. I could look at them and take photos all day long. They're amazing and there's always a treasure to be found.

Sophie actually asked me to take this picture. So glad she did ~ it's one of my favorites!

Aaahhh, don't you love this feeling?

Quite possibly my favorite photo of the bunch. Each time I see it I want to be back there immediately!

More shells. I love the colors.

I don't have a great camera but I tried my best to capture the magnificent sunset.

I'm so thankful my aunt and uncle invited us to join them for their beach vacation. The timing could'nt have come at a better time ~ I think it was good for our souls....

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  1. I love these photos and that feeling of having the waves wash over your feet and you sink ever so softly down, you have captured it perfectly!


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