Friday, November 16, 2012

Iggy Pop

When I first had the idea to do these Friday posts, I had one particular photo in mind that I KNEW I'd have to use.  It is truly my second favorite photo of Ygal, the first being this one.  This picture is from 1996 so believe me when I say that I had to dredge it up from some dusty old photo album (remember those?).  Let's just say that it took a while.  But I am so happy to be able to post it today.....

If I had to choose only one way to remember Ygal, it would be just like this.  The old version of Ygal, when I lived in Switzerland.  Anyone else would call it the young version of Ygal but I think you know what I mean. I loved his LONG hair (hidden in a ponytail here) and his Lennon style glasses. We hung out a lot back then as we lived in the same house. It was almost a daily occurrence that we'd walk Skipper together. I'm very thankful for that time now ~ if only I had more pictures. 

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  1. Hi Audrey!!! we didn't speak for a long time and still I didn't answer your e-mail. I wrote a long mail, about month ago and for some reason desapear, never found it again, what's happeness? i don't know!!!My past weeeekkksssss feeling very sad, I go to work without motivation, I forget everything, my mind is only with Ygal. When I can I talk a lot with Carlo who help me a lot and have patience and is so sweet with me, but lately is very difficult to be around me. I have ups and downs of course, is not 100% one way of the other, week-ends are bad.We try to do something so I'm out of the house.I'm in a taugh stage and I know I need to past that, is normal. I try to live day by day and let my feeling go out, try to talk when I need and do what I can without forcing me. I observed I need to stop doing or thinking several things that are hurting me but like I said before need time, I need to be prepared for it. Working very hard with me, but is dificult and I'm sure some things will be inside me for the rest of my life. Loosing a son is a different feeling, you have a fire mark in your heart forever, I'm only trying to understand and transform my feelings, this way I can live a reasonable life.
    Hope everythings is ok with the girls, sorry for my silence.
    Love You


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