Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soaking Up The Last Bits of Fall

Hmmm, it makes me sad just to write that.  It seems like Fall just arrived.  Yet the colors are already more muted and some trees are almost bare.  Clara and I went for a quick walk in the forest yesterday while Sophie and Daddy were at the fields playing soccer.  Our favorite woodsy game is to try and catch the falling leaves before they hit the ground.  Here are a few quick shots:

I will never tire of the mighty, mighty oaks.

I'll also never tire of this delicious little baby face.

The leaves on the ground are now all brown.  I already miss the vibrant shades of red & yellow under my feet.

The leaves still clinging are often spotty, like this sycamore maple leaf.

Bye bye, Fall.  We will miss you!

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