Friday, November 23, 2012

Iggy Pop

When I was growing up, I always wanted more siblings so I considered myself lucky when I got married and gained three brothers-in-law.

While I love them all, Ygal was the brother with which I had the most in common.

Ygal loved to dig his hands into the dirt and took much delight in seeing what would pop up.  He'd often send me pictures of veggies and herbs that he was growing on his balcony in Switzerland.  He had big audacious dreams of owning an organic farm here in the U.S.  I'd always joke that I'd come live with he and Bianca when that dream came true.  Over the years, before I knew better and on more than one occasion, we fed ducks and geese stale bread.  Ygal was the only person to get as excited and enjoy it as much as me.  I always loved the above picture because of this.....I appreciated that (very much) about him.  When we met, he was actually a vegetarian.  At some point, he went back to eating meat again.....but I guess nobody's perfect!  

One of my favorite things in Switzerland are these amazing community garden spaces that are quite common.  Since most people live in apartments, those who love gardening rent ground in these gardens. Most of the plots have a little shed type structure and people will go there and hang out for hours.  Ygal and I used to talk about having one of those in the future where we could go and hang out for hours.....gardening, drinking, snacking, harvesting, etc.  I know I will think of him every single time I pass by one of those community gardens in the future.  And I will always be sad that our shared dream won't come to fruition.

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