Thursday, November 29, 2012

This Week

It's been busy so there hasn't been much bloggin' going on!

We've had some really nice afternoons and have been trying to spend time out back doing things like this....

....while we still can!

One afternoon I found this tiny little beast hiding between a bunch of my watering cans!

Poor thing. He must've been scared to death with myself, Clara and Hubbell all running around, screaming, playing, etc.  He REALLY didn't like it when I came close to take some pictures!

There's a small grove of male gingko trees not far from our house.  In the Fall, when they all turn yellow, it is a sight to behold.  For some reason, they weren't as vibrantly yellow this year. Still, yesterday, while I was sitting at the stoplight next to them, I loved how they looked all naked with their gorgeous leaves scattered on the ground.

When we got home from school today, Sophie said to me, "Mommy, your friend's in the backyard."  To say that I was spooked would be an understatement.  We keep our back gate locked so the kids can't wander out without us knowing.  Anyone coming in would have to climb over.  Imagine my relief when she quickly followed up her statement with, "IT'S HARRY!".  Sure enough, it was.  I love this time of year because he is SO EASY to pick out. He doesn't have to compete with any leaves!  He sat on that branch for a good half an hour.  Oh, how I was wishing for a camera that would allow to get an up-close shot. This was taken from a great distance but it was as close and as clear as I could get.  Still, I like it.  Harry is just so divine!

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