Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sorry for my lack of blogging but I've been in a serious reading mood lately.  I don't have much free time so, if I want to read, guess what has to suffer?  Here's a peek at my "bookshelf" at the moment....

 I just finished this one. Read it in 2 days.  Did not want to put it down.  I've been crazy about John for over 30 years now and his book just DID NOT disappoint!

 This book is preaching to the choir for me.  Still, I'm enjoying it!

Kunstler's book, The Long Emergency, profoundly changed me.....how I think about things, my choices, the way I think about society, the world, my small community, everything.  When I found out there was a follow-up book, I rushed right to the library.

I hardly ever read Fiction but, for some reason, I picked this up off the library shelf last week. Let's see if I actually get through it!  Sounds cute!

A little someone just woke from her nap and is crying for me so I've gotta' jet....

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