Monday, November 26, 2012

Sophie's Six Year Old Interview

Let's try to look over the fact that this post is almost three months late and just celebrate that it's being done at all!  This little tradition has quickly become one of my most favorite things and Sophie is now at an age where she really enjoys it as well.  Here we go:

What's your favorite color?  Green

What's your favorite food?  Mac & Cheese

Who are your favorite friends?  Aiden & Megan

Sophie, with Megan, at their classroom's Thanksgiving Feast

What's your favorite thing to play?  Playmobil

What's your favorite animal?  I kind of have three.  I used to like elephants but now I like cats but I'm starting to like dolphins.

Sophie, while dolphin watching, on her birthday trip to Hilton Head

If you could hop on a plane and go anywhere in the world, where would you go?  New York City

What's your favorite letter?  H, because Hubbell begins with H.

What's your favorite number?  7 and 13. 7 because it starts with "S" and I just like 13.

Do you like school?  Yeah

What's your favorite book?  The Berenstein Bears.  Any one in particular?  No, I like them all.

What's your favorite word?  Me

What's your favorite song?  I Like To Move It, Move It

What's your favorite thing to do?  Swimming

While grainy, I love this picture ~ this is Sophie at the beach. She never removes her swimsuit!

What makes you happy?  Having playdates with my friends

What would you like to be when you grow up?  Three things ~ a doctor, a farmer and a teacher.

When you close your eyes, what do you see?  My friends

Sophie, with her friend, Jaylon, at school

What is your favorite pet?  A dog.

What's your favorite treat?  Ice Cream

After interviewing Sophie, we went back and read through her five and four year old interviews.  She laughed at some of her answers and could not understand why Clara played such a big role in last year's interview.  How funny!  I love how some answers have stayed the same every year.

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