Sunday, April 11, 2010

Could this be my future?: Closet Office?

My husband and I have made a life choice - to purchase and live in a "smaller" house. It's just over 2,000 square feet so I feel silly calling it small. Folks from the Northeast or Europe would scoff at that statement. But in Charlotte, where McMansions seem to be the norm, trust me, people consider our house small. It works well for us though....with 5 warm bodies inhabiting it at all times. It can get tight though and, therefore, I am always searching for ways to make more space.....given what we have. For several years now, I have been contemplating turning the closet in our computer room into an office/workdesk. I saw an example a few years ago in Better Homes and Gardens and I've been thinking about it since. My idea/interest has been reinvigorated because I came across this image yesterday. WOW! I really love it, mainly because of the Graham & Brown wallpaper used. I found this image on the Country Living website .

If I work up the courage to take on this project, I'll post my before and after pictures here.


  1. This looks great! By the way, Jennifer Bryant told me about your blog - I am also a former Bofa employee, now stay at home mom for a "year" but would like to use the time to reinvent myself, if possible. I live in south Charlotte and have a four and a half month old named Fiona. I've just started a blog, too - if you are interested in checking it out sometime.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Anne. It's my very first one. I've already visited your blog and I LOVE IT. Your writing is really beautiful. Will be commenting there shortly! BTW, Fiona has always been one of my favorite names! I love it.... Congrats! Oh, and how wonderful is Jennifer? We adore her.


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