Friday, April 16, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

When I was growing up, we took a trip to Myrtle Beach every year in a trailer almost identical to the one below. Lemon yellow. 1959 Shasta. Little wings flying off the back. It's so cute!!! The problem is that I didn't know that when I was young. My parents can attest that I HATED this camper. Hated it. With a capital "H". I've always been a clean freak and can only sleep if it's freezing cold. Well, this cute little bug had no working bathroom and no A/C. Recipe for disaster, right? I remember wishing so hard that we could just stay in a hotel (and I still wonder where my "snob" reputation comes from!!!). I remember thinking that when I was six/seven years old. It's really sad because I have the BEST memories of camping out at the beach with my family. It definitely formed part of who I am. I love the outdoors. I think there's nothing grander than a hammock. I met a lot of Canadians, ey. I adore my beach memories (my personal favorite being when Mom & Dad got in the hammock together and it fell to the ground - ouch!). My parents were providing the best darn vacation they could. I mean they were still in their early 20's!!! Now, firmly ensconced in my mid 30's, I regret that I couldn't just chill and enjoy myself back then. Because little "canned ham trailers", as they're now called, are THE THING. And my new favorite thing!

There's a whole cult of people who love nothing more than to restore little canned ham trailers. See this example...wouldn't be the same without the pink flamingo....

AND, best of all, there are a few people around the country who are using their trailers for their catering businesses!!! I LOVE IT!!! This beauty is GORGEOUS and serves.....wait for it....CUPCAKES. Enjoy Cupcakes. Genius. Visit their website to see how cute -

Last week, while Dad was visiting, I was reading through some old Organic Gardening magazines and came across this article below. In Kansas City, this lady serves ultra fresh snowcones from her 1957 Shasta. Brilliant!

My poor Dad. He sold our old Shasta (may she rest in peace) back in 1989 for $500. A quick Google search and we found that a restored canned ham trailer now sells for somewhere between $10-15k. Criky! What I wouldn't give to have our old 1959 Shasta now. Dad and I could REALLY make something out of it. I know he wants to hit me for thinking/feeling/saying all this because I know I must have made his life miserable back then.
In honor of our little yellow retro bungalow on wheels, I am ordering the below t-shirt for my daughter ( How friggin' cute is this shirt??? I wish they had them in my size.
But see what I mean? I can't get away from them. They're everywhere. Just another of life's silly ways of trying to tell me something..... :-)

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