Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh, Anna Quindlen.... speak to me. I'm cleaning up my "office" (read guest room/computer room/junk stashing place/mess) and I found a piece of paper where I'd written down two of my favorite Anna Quindlen quotes....and I just have to share....

"You are only real if you can see yourself, see yourself clear and true in the mirror of your soul and smile upon the reflection."

"Begin today to say no to the Greek chorus that thinks it knows the parameters of a happy life when all it knows is the homogenization of human experience."

I discovered Anna Quindlen at a time in my life when I was searching deep and hard for women to admire, women who could inspire me. And I was working so hard, running around in circles in my own mind really, to inspire myself. I read everything Anna's written (in book form) back in the summer of 2008. These two quotes really, really spoke to me - so much so that I jotted them down on a piece of paper. This slip of paper hung at my desk at work as I made the decision to resign and take some time off. I would read these two quotes over and over and they would instantaneously make me feel better. And calm. I'm so happy I came across this paper today. It's no longer in a pile of mail/magazines/articles/etc. It's back on my desk, right where it belongs.

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