Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's that time of year again. I thought I'd keep with the new tradition I started last year of listing things about myself using my new age/number. It seriously feels like only yesterday that I wrote last year's list. So here we go.....39.....

1. When I open a bottle of wine and find a plastic cork, I feel cheated.

2. My favorite movie of 2011 was The Muppets.

3. Midnight in Paris was a very close second.

4. My favorite movie so far for 2012?  Salmon Fishing in Yemen.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED this  movie! And could Ewan McGregor be any more delicious?

5. I just read Heaven Is Here, Stephanie Nielson's story about surviving a plane crash and living with burns on 80% of her body.  It's really amazing and I would recommend the book to anyone.  Still, it made me sad.  She's LDS and has a HUGE family.....they all helped to take care of her and her four children while she was recovering.  It made me feel like I wouldn't have a support system if something that awful ever happened to me.  My family is small and lives far away.  While reading the book, I also constantly questioned if I could/would be that strong in such an awful scenario.  I guess you never know until you're faced with something like that.  But I continue to wonder....  Stephanie, you are a true inspiration.

6. Since Clara was born, I've been somewhat obsessed with the color yellow.  I look at my yellow pinboard all the time.  It makes me happy.

7. I've always been obsessed with the 1920's.  Clara Louise's name was inspired by my two favorite flappers: Clara Bow & Louise Brooks.

8. My sweet dog Hubbell was named after Robert Redford's character in The Way We Were.  Most people think he's named after the telescope!  Really?  Those folks obviously don't know me well.  Where is the romance in naming your dog after a telescope?

9. The #1 item on my Life Bucket List is to go on safari in Africa.  I can't even imagine how it must feel to see a wild elephant or giraffe or lion pass by.....makes me breathless just thinking about it.

10. Since we've been on house arrest for the last eight months, due to baby Clara's reflux, I have a severe case of wanderlust.  I spend way too much time dreaming of trips I'd like to take.

11. That safari would be first on my list of trips.  Iceland would be #2. But the list is super long.

12. I have super-thick curly hair but I like my hair best when my hairdresser straightens it.

13. Music is my sanctuary.

14. I used to know Dave Matthews in college.  A couple of years before he became famous.

15. I've been with Alain for just over 18 years now.  Next year at this time I will have been with him over half of my life.

16. The best dinner I've ever had in my life was at Per Se. Thomas Keller is genius. A true artist.

17. I've now been vegetarian for about 14 years.  I have no desire to ever eat meat again. If only one thing defined me, it would probably be this.

18.  I always secretly wanted three children.  Clara's infancy has been so difficult that we've decided to stop at two children.  I think this is ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do but it also makes me sad sometimes. I'd love to have a bigger family.

19. For the record: If I'd ever had a third child, I would have wanted a girl.

20. Kenzie and I used to know each other in another life.  I may not know much but this is one thing I know for sure.

21. When I was young, I was the biggest tomboy ever.  I love that about myself.

22.  My favorite thing when I was little was playing in the creek and making forts in the woods.  I had a lot of freedom. It makes me sad that my girls won't get to experience that.

23. I've been a voracious reader my whole life.  When I was a child, I'd read the sides of cereal boxes at breakfast if I had no books on hand.

24. For the past year I've been thinking that Sophie would make an amazing illustrator for children's books.  I've never mentioned that to anyone.  Two nights ago, Sophie mentioned to me that she'd like to "draw pictures for books" when she grows up.  Isn't that wild?  Made me smile so hard it hurt.

25. After a rain, when I see earthworms struggling and drying out on the pavement, I pick them up and take them back to the dirt/grass.  Gandhi would be proud.

26. This might sound silly but, as I get older, I realize more and more that my life can be whatever I want it to be.  I am in control.  The ultimate designer. It feels good.

27. I always thought I'd age gracefully....and that wrinkles and grey hair wouldn't bother me so much.  I was DEAD WRONG.

28. I am working REALLY HARD to embrace those wrinkles.  They indicate where smiles have been.  And laughter.  I earned them all.  They give me character.  I tell myself these things repeatedly.

29. Not so with the grey hairs.  I say "F*CK these grey hairs!" and color over them every six weeks or so.

30. I adore the rain. When I was younger (I won't say how much!), I used to run naked in the rain from time to time.  It was one of my most favorite things EVER, so freeing, so natural.  You should ask Alain about this ~ he has a good story.

31. Pink Peonies and Red Poppies are my favorite flowers.

32. I was named after Linda Evans' character on Big Valley.  Her character was actually named Audra.  Thank GOD Mom tweaked it to Audrey.  Still, it's nice to know I'm named after such a beautiful person.

33. #32 led to one of my favorite nicknames --> BIG VALLEY.

34.There are days when I miss work so much I can almost taste it.  On other days, the very thought of working makes me sick to my stomach.

35.In very clear, rational moments, I realize the only reason I miss work is because I miss all of the travel to Manhattan.

36. I saw a therapist years ago when I was being treated for Postpartum Depression.  I adored her and she helped me SO MUCH.  During a session, she once told me I was the most free-spirited person she'd ever met.  To this day, I still consider that the biggest compliment I've ever received.

37. I miss snow. This winter was a total bust.

38. Bees are a recurring theme in my life. I went to a nursery school called Busy Bee Child Development Center. My high school mascot was a bee. While doing graduate studies in Animal Behavior, I did my research on bees. And now, as a gardener, I am always very much in tune with the honey bees in my garden.

39. On this birthday, as with every birthday, I raise up a toast in memory of my dear friend and fellow free spirit, Brian Paul Mercado. Thanks to knowing him and in part because of losing him at a young age, I appreciate EVERY birthday and understand how lucky I am to live each day. Bri, you are still loved and missed, every single day!!! Cheers....


  1. Dear Audrey,
    There is so much here that I need to say. We are so much alike, it is uncanny. I love the Muppets movie too! My son got the DVD as my birthday present.
    I LOVE that you named your dog Hubbell! I know "The Way We Were" by heart, I saw it so many times. I don't normally like blonde men, but Robert Redford is my wonderful exception. (And he is intelligent too, I hope you have seen the movie "Quiz Show" that he directed.)
    LOVED the Big Valley, and love you are named after the beautiful character Audra played by Linda Evans! Lucky you, to be named after someone so beautiful!
    HA HA on the gray hair! I am the same way. I turned gray very early, even in my late teens, my brain must be colored medium brown by now.
    Love the idea of Africa. I only got to send a few folks to Africa as a travel agent (so expensive!) but it was nice to research it and dream of going there myself.
    Same thing with reading for me. I will read anything that I have. Before I learned, I used to make my Daddy laugh at me pretending to read the billboards as we passed them. Once, he pulled over he was laughing so hard.
    I also love nonfiction, so I think I will like that book you mentioned. I really like stories of people who have bad things happen to them but they are able to overcome them in great, inspiring ways.
    I have coarse,wavy or curly hair and I have tried my whole life to make if straight!
    Now, love the Union Jack hat and sweater on Clara!And I love the bright colors on Sophie!
    Better stop here, I could go on forever.

  2. Thank you, Kay ~ I so adore your comments. Thank you for being pretty much my only "Commenter" or at least my most regular...I always look forward to what you have to say. I agree that we are kindred spirits. I look forward to my ATL visit when we can maybe visit Arabia together. It's funny....Robert Redford is also my one blond exception. I am typically never attracted to blonds but he is DIVINE. We had Hubbell for a couple of days before I agreed that he was perfect enough for the Hubbell name. That story about your Dad and reading the billboards is HYSTERICAL. I love your Dad, without even meeting him. You guys have such a great relationship! There's no doubt you would love that book ~ I got it from my library and turned it back in within a week so that someone else could read it! Ok, Clara is crying out for me....gotta' run. Will write more soon hopefully! Thanks again, Kay!


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