Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Washed Ashore

I've often hinted on my blog about how much time I spend thinking about plastic.  There are so many things I DO NOT LIKE about plastic.  From a purely practical standpoint, I despise how the plastic kitchenware is never dry when my dishwasher finishes its cycle and I don't like how the #6 plastics aren't recyclable in our area.  Then there are the much bigger issues ~ so many of them ~ too many to get into here (or maybe I'm just too tired).  Anyway, I was thrilled recently when I heard about the Washed Ashore Project.  This group collects plastics and other trash found on Oregon beaches.  After washing and sorting these items, they create large sculptures of sea creatures....the very animals who suffer the most because of all the plastics floating around in our oceans. While reading about Washed Ashore, I learned that every square mile of ocean contains about 46,000 pieces of floating plastics. In some places the small plastic pieces outweigh plankton 6 to 1.  When I think of my beloved whales swallowing a bunch of plastic pieces, well, I find it hard to swallow myself. I am so thankful for groups such as Washed Ashore who come up with creative ways to make people aware of these issues and to educate our younger generations.  It's truly inspirational. Sophie actually watched the documentary with me.  As a child obsessed with all artistic endeavors, she was fascinated.  She followed it up by asking me a bunch of questions.  Even if she's the only child affected, I'd still say JOB WELL DONE to Washed Ashore.  I'm so glad you're out there and I hope we're able to visit your exhibit in person one day!  

The Water Bottle Jellyfish and Tula the Sea Turtle, photo via Washed Ashore

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