Friday, April 20, 2012

It's That Time of Year Again

I find it hard to believe it's been an entire year.*  Whew.  
Yes here it is.  Time to pack up the kids and head over to the local farm. 

Yep, it's time for STRAWBERRIES!!!

I thought I'd have to Ergo Clara the entire time.  When we arrived and saw these new wagons, I was so happy.  Clara has a blast riding in there.  Sophie rode along a good bit too.

Clara's smile says it all.....she really enjoyed her first ever strawberry picking excursion!

The strawberries were abundant.

I had a hard time keeping Clara from reaching over the side of the wagon and helping herself.  This is not an organic farm (unfortunately) so I had to be careful that she didn't get a mouthful of pesticides!

Sophie was super quiet and serious about her strawberry picking.

Pretty strawberry blooms.

The strawberry plants seem to go on forever....

Clara was ENTHRALLED with the chickens.  She stood up the entire time and "spoke" to them.  I have no idea what they were discussing but the hens made a good audience.

Sophie, with her usual jealousy issues, threw Clara's pacifier into the chicken coop.  This isn't a great picture but I had to post it. The chickens went wild and pecked that thing a million times.  They were so happy with their new blue plastic toy!!! 

Sophie, in action.  Thanks to her careful picking, we enjoyed some very yummy strawberry desserts this evening.

I tend to not buy berries out of season so the beginning of the local strawberry season is SO EXCITING for me.  We already have plans to go back next week with some friends!

* When I looked at last year's post, I felt teary.  In one short year, Sophie has already changed so much.  She still had a baby face last Spring.  She doesn't baby girl is getting so, so, so big!

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  1. Okay, I know you are a Rolling Stones kind of gal, but you MUST play "Strawberry Fields Forever" for your girls!
    We have a strawberry farm which is very near to Arabia Mountain and our son loved picking strawberries there too. It's good to let kids see where food comes from and it tastes so good FRESH, locally grown!


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