Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recent Findings

I often find articles, photos, etc that are so good that I wish I could share them. Then I realized that I have the perfect space for sharing. So here goes...

~ I recently found this wonderful blog via Green's Going Green. I am often inspired or moved by Rhonda's posts or by links that she's shared. This article really made me stop and think. I've often thought that palliative workers are really special people. Like anyone I don't want to be close to death and have regrets. We lost a close family friend this week and I thought of him when I read this article ~ peace at his closing is one thing I wished so strongly for him. At this point in my life, I often think of how happy and at peace I am and I know I'm making the right choices in my life....even though a lot of them have been tough decisions, etc. This moment in time is just a tiny snapshot in my entire life however and I'm hoping I can continue to make the right decisions for me. Begin with the end in mind....I always loved that. What would you want for people to say about you? A friend called me this week and left a darling voice mail and, in it, she said, "Thank you for being so......well, perfect". I'm far from perfect but I know she was just telling me that I'm a good friend. And it warmed my soul. If she feels that way about me, I know I'm doing something right in my life.

~ I loved this video so much that I watched it about three times. I believe it was also originally found on Down to Earth. I had some really tough moments this week while I cared for Clara during her feverish nights. Whew. This video really helped me to get through some of those moments. I was thankful I had it for viewing right at my fingertips! After watching, I would immediately change my mindset and feel grateful that I have the privilege of caring for Clara, no matter how hard.

~ Food issues are a passion of mine. I read Robyn O'Brien's book a few years ago. When I came across this video last week, I watched it and, even though I didn't learn anything new, I think Robyn has a great way of explaining and simplifying the issues so that anyone can understand. I admire her courage to stand up and fight the system, even if it was on her own. I wish everyone would watch this short video to get a better understanding of what we're up against in our food system. Do one thing!

~ I discovered this tumblr feed recently. I'd share my original source but I've seen it mentioned in so many places that I have no idea where I first saw it. Each time I look through the posts, I laugh a little bit harder. I have no clue why it's so funny to me but it just is! Maybe it goes along with my own decorating jealousy issues....

~ When I'm looking for a little inspiration, I filter through Tiny White Daisies. In her shared images, I ALWAYS find something to inspire me....

~ It's been a while since I've seen a party online that really inspired me. No longer. This Madeline party is truly one of the nicest parties I've EVER seen. So adorable. I wouldn't even want to know how much it set the parents back....

~My Party Inspiration board on Pinterest has now surpassed 2,400 followers. Wow.

~ I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Joshua Roman perform last Saturday night at the Charlotte Symphony. His cello performance literally blew my mind. I don't recall ever being in a space where an entire audience was at a musician's mercy. He was so at ease with the instrument....he just seems madly in love with his cello. As I was looking for a video to link, I found this one which he filmed backstage while playing for the Charlotte Symphony. He is so amazingly talented. Feel the love, Joshua!


  1. I am not surprised at all on those hits on your Pinterest, I just have one question. May I come to one of your next birthday parties?

  2. I'm currently planning two ~ join us ~ the more the merrier! (smile)


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