Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Clara, at 8 Months

Little Wheezy is growing up so fast, isn't she?  I can't believe she's almost 9 months old already.  For both Alain and myself, this is the funnest and most interesting baby stage. We love being around Clara. She couldn't be any cuter and everything she does is so interesting!!!

Likes: Yum Yummy baby cookies (especially the apple & ginger ones), the new push wagon (thank you SO much, Elizabeth!), the Snack Trap with Puffs inside, nightly foot massage, singing, waving, clapping, making sounds with "B", watching the birds fly around the kitchen, our daily garden walk, watching birds flying in the sky, being tickled, going on neighborhood walks in the big wagon with Big Sissy, walking around the house with her push toys, dogs (she always makes little excited sounds when she sees a dog), singing and dancing in music class, the bath.

Dislikes: Having diapers changed and getting dressed, sitting in the high chair, when Mom leaves the room, any extended car rides (longer than about 15 minutes!), when Sophie holds her too long or too tightly (she squeals and screams until Soph puts her down), peas.

Recent Milestones: Waving, clapping, standing without holding on to anything, attempting to climb the stairs, eating so many new things, telling me (in her own way) when she wants something or when she's excited.

Words I'd Use to Describe Clara: Interesting, fun, determined, independent, smart, silly, smiley, happy, serious, curious, free-spirited, a horrible sleeper (although slowly getting better!), adventurous eater, SO adorable, lovable.  

We love you to the moon and back (a billion and one times), Clara!  You are true sunshine!

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  1. I would say enjoy every minute of her, but I see I don't have to, you already do!
    Time flies the fastest with babies around.


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