Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Colour in the Garden

This time of year seems so perfect. Today is a little more mild and absolutely gorgeous. Even though illness has overtaken our house (Clara's had a fever for 3 days and I finally gave up the fight and got an antibiotic this morning. It's an ear infection.) and this week seems like a blur, Clara and I have been out for little visits to the garden each day. I'm in love with all of the vibrant colours of the plants.

Peachy zinnias from Sophie's garden. That plant purchase of hers was inspired by the book Zinnia's Flower Garden (we love you, Monica Wellington!).

Deep red salvia blooms.

The gorgeous underbellies of the Swiss Chard plants, deep dark green combined with fuschia stems.

Simple white petunias. Survived the mild winter and still thriving...

Dazzling violet impatiens.

Citrusy yellow snapdragons. Another plant that survived the entire winter.

Lovely cornflower blue. One of my favorite colours. I don't remember the name of this plant though....

Purply dianthus blooms.

To-die-for gorgeous salmon colored Gerbera daisies. I can't claim these. They were purchased. Part of a gift for our new neighbors...they're livening up my kitchen windowsill at the moment. I may have to head back to the store to get more for us. They're that beautiful.

PS ~ I was feeling a little English today ~ hence the spelling of "colour"! Why not?

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