Saturday, April 28, 2012

All On A Friday

These photos were all taken within the space of a couple of hours on Friday afternoon....

I took this while I was waiting at a stoplight.  Pure happiness.  

Back at home I peeked out the window to see a gorgeous woodpecker with a bright red head looking for a snack!  (apologies for the bad photo quality ~ long distance shot)

On my way to pick up Sophie from school, I took these few photos while waiting at a stoplight.

These flowers were so lovely and delicate.

I was alone so there was no one there to stop me from taking "just one more shot"!

As we were leaving Sophie's school, we noticed Mama Duck finally had her babies.  From what it looks like, she has a BIG brood.  There were at least 10 ducklings. Again, sorry for the poor photo quality...took this over a LONG distance and my camera is not that great!

When you blog and constantly have your camera at the ready, you notice things you might otherwise pass right by.  I am thankful to have noticed all of these beautiful things surrounding me on a lovely Friday afternoon...

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  1. Lovely, lovely photos. I just thought today that it is possible that I notice more and appreciate more since I have started blogging and then I came home and read your post!


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