Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's Talk About Turkey (or Black) Vultures

Even though I've learned that turkey vultures are quite widespread and common in the Americas, I'd never seen them until I moved to Charlotte.  Typically I don't see them unless I'm across the border in South Carolina (which is bizarre ~ I have no idea why this would be!).  You often see a bunch of them all hanging out on cell phone towers.  It's also quite common to catch them on the side of the road feeding on roadkill.  I'm quite fascinated by them and thankful for them (they clean up roadkill much faster than any local authorities!).  For so long, I've been trying to get some pictures of them and I finally succeeded yesterday....  

These birds rarely kill their own prey but feed on carrion and roadkill which they locate by sense of smell. Fascinating.

Note: After doing some Google searches on Turkey Vultures, I'm thinking the ones I see and took these photos of are actually Black Vultures. Still, they're very similar animals and all of the above would apply to Black Vultures as well.

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