Friday, June 18, 2010

I Heart Tim Howard!

Oh how I do love the World Cup! Today's game, no matter how disappointing or upsetting, was a perfect example of why I love this game so much. The US played an amazing game! Why they always have to give up a goal so early in the game is anyone's guess. But they are the Comeback Kids. We were absolutely ROBBED by the inexperienced ref (it was his first World Cup game!) disallowing that third goal.....with no explanation whatsoever as to why. Not to mention that fouls were being committed all over the place during that play and he missed them.....we should have had a penalty kick there. The yellow flag that was given to Findley was a joke as the ball bounced off his head and THEN hit his if he had any control over the ball at that point. What a joke. Someone needs to go back to basic ref school ~ I'm just sayin'. ANYWAY, my point was not to rant and rave about the game. I could do that all day.....

The real reason for this post is to express my absolute admiration for this guy, Tim Howard. Every once in a while a soccer player comes along and steals my soccer-loving heart away. I used to love Batistuta (I am a loyal USA fan but I recognize good players when I see them!). This World Cup it's Howard. I feel the US defense is lacking and so my new saying is "Leave It To Howard". He is super confident and owns the game. The commentators (whom I cannot stand!!!!) said today, "Howard has the courage of a lion". If even those bastards can cough up a compliment, you know he has to be good. I love when he gets super-frustrated at his own team for leaving him exposed and he responds by screaming and throwing his hands up at them. I do love a player with true passion. However, if this didn't happen, we wouldn't be able to recognize the pure soccer genius that is Tim Howard. Howie, love you baby.

Signed, Your Biggest Fan.

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