Friday, June 18, 2010

I really do love England now!!!

....because they just tied with the US a much better chance of advancing to the next round. I am sure the whole of England is "setting itself on fire right now" (yes, I stole that quote but I thought it was hysterical!!! I give credit to Sports Grid). I did my calculations and research to find out what the USA team's possibilities are for going forward.....

1.) US Wins against Algeria - we would advance. God Willing and The Creek Don't Rise! This is obviously the most optimal situation!!! Fingers and toes and eyelashes crossed.... I will be a basketcase next Wednesday morning. Anyone care to watch with me? No kids allowed ~ too distracting. And I would terrify them with all my hootin' and hollerin'.

2.) US ties with Algeria. This is a little more tricky. England would have to lose for the US to advance. I won't bet money on this scenario though (although Slovenia is doing quite well). If both the US and England tie, both teams would have the same number of points and the outcome will come down to scores. Yikes. Don't want this to happen. If England wins, well, you can figure it out. I will delete my entire post about all the things I love and adore about England (not really but I'm sure I'll be tempted!!!).

But then again, I've been watching World Cup news worldwide ALL DAY and not one person I've seen or read about has agreed with that call from today's game. The US should have won today 3-2. And then we wouldn't even be having this discussion!!! I won't be getting past this anytime soon. And the coward ref won't even explain his call or who it was against. What an idiot. How is this kind of stuff even allowed? What if he was paid off or something??? (Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist.)

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