Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Landon or Donovan?*

Oh, excuse me, just contemplating names for my next born.

No, I am not expecting a child. Just planning for the future.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I feel for you. Because you missed the most excruciating and, at the same time, most exhilarating game of US soccer that I have ever seen. I went to a pub BY MYSELF and watched the game this morning (everyone else was either working or at home with their kids). It was the coolest experience I've had watching a sports match. I hugged and gave high fives to total strangers. I hooted and hollered like a mad woman. I became hoarse from all the screaming. It was so much fun. And, after I'd actually given up all hope (it was already past 90 minutes!!!), I was so caught off guard by Donovan's goal, that I started crying. I was really embarrassed but I couldn't help myself. And I wasn't the only one. People were standing on tables and chairs. Others were running around the room. Pandemonium. A real moment to remember. I've rarely seen such grit and determination and, well, staying power that the US athletes exhibited in this game. I hope that remains true. In the meantime, I will continue to be inspired by the US team and today's match. And I'm already gearing up for Saturday.

And I am damn proud to be an American today. Way to go, team!!!

*(No, Tim Howard, I didn't forget about you. You were also amazing today, as I would expect!)


  1. Somehow, this time, I did not give up hope. I knew we were going to score. Was so hopeful of it, and then it happened.

    Unfortunately, I can't go back to the bar with a crowd. Instead, I'll be at the lame-ass tavern where I work, likely all by myself. Want so badly to be in the crowd!

  2. Good for you! You were a better fan than I. I wish you could be in our crowd on Saturday. Now that would be fun!!! I will hold you close in spirit.... AND, I won't be giving up hope this time! :-)

    Do you at least have a TV at the tavern? Hope so!


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