Thursday, June 3, 2010

State of the Garden Week - Post #4

Hmmm........we are completely inundated with peaches. Peaches, peaches everywhere. On the tree, under the tree, rolling down the driveway, under the cars, in the backyard, on the kitchen counters. Literally all over the place. I even found one under the kitchen table earlier today. I have no idea how it got there!

You'd think this was good news. But I'm not sure it is. They're beautifully red as you can see from the above picture. But they're still hard as rocks. I am new to this. I love to believe I'm a Farmer Jane but let's be real. The knowledge that true farmers have is acquired over decades of experience. This is my second year of gardening and I inherited the peach tree from our home's previous owners. I am totally out of my element. We have baskets full of peaches inside hoping that they will continue to ripen before they go bad.

On a recent trip down to Fort Mill, SC, we passed the thousands of peach trees that line the roads and highways. You know what? Not a peach in sight. How can those trees be so different from our own? So I keep getting this sneaky feeling that something is not quite right with our tree/peaches.

Our Mama tree has really been suffering. I thin the peaches almost daily but she is still crippled under the weight of all the fruit she's produced. After one storm, we lost a large branch. I think the additional weight of all the rain took her over the edge.

Note to Self: We really need to take better care of Mama Peachtree.

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