Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Madly In Love

I am madly in love with these photos I took of Clara while I was at my friend Elizabeth's house last week. (Note the blanket I had to put down so that my little Sweet Pea didn't spit up on Elizabeth's nice couch!) I think I like these so much because they fully capture the crazy adorable hair on my child. You can also see how curly it's getting. Just like her Big Sissy.

This was a particularly hard morning for me as I'd only slept about three hours the night before. I arrived at Elizabeth's house straight from the shower. My hair was crazy without a speck of product. That's the thing about good friends ~ they get it and they don't seem to care what I look like.

I read about this challenge on Design Mom recently and it struck a cord with me. I never like photos of myself ~ too many wrinkles, grey hair is showing, look too chubby, blah blah blah. So I've been working on this and trying to capture more photos of myself with my children. I wish I had more photos of me with Sophie when she was still small. Of course there's no way to recapture those moments now. So, on this morning, I asked Nathalie and Elizabeth to take a few shots of Clara and I. These two I found acceptable enough to share. Crazy-ass hair, grey roots, bags under my eyes and all!!!

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  1. I think you are gorgeous! I LOVE your crazy mane sistah! and me the wrinkles!?!? I know it's hard. I have the same feelings about taking, looking at and sharing pictures of myself and since you are one of the few people that view my blog, you know that I also do not have hardly one picture of myself with my kids. That's sad for them. Perhaps you will inspire me to change that? I love Clara's alert little face. How is she so fresh on so little sleep? xo


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