Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Newest Foodie on the Block

Yes, it's none other than Clara Louise.....

She had her first taste of rice cereal today, her very first solid food. Due to Clara's reflux issues, I spoke with her doctor and was told it was okay to start and try it out. I think it helped because she fell asleep almost immediately after the meal and slept over an hour. At any other time during the day, Clara never sleeps more than half an hour at a stretch.

Clara has been eyeing our food for several weeks now. She watches every move when we're eating. This kid knew EXACTLY what to do. With gusto, she'd reach out for the spoon with both hands and help guide it into her mouth. It warmed our hearts to see how much she enjoyed it. I made the cereal a little on the thicker side and you could tell that she really enjoyed the different texture. Her passion for solid food was clearly evident and we were all so, so happy to watch. Even Big Sissy got to give her a few spoonfuls.

What an awesome way to end our beautiful weekend

PS ~ I took Sophie and a friend to see The Muppets today. Could it be any more adorable? Hooray for The Muppets! It makes me so happy to watch them. And Sophie sat on my lap for part of the movie so I got to snuggle her. I loved every second of it!


  1. Clara is really cute, I love her hair!!! Hope that this hard time for you and Alain will past fast. Love you Audrey and send you a big kiss

  2. Mwaaaahahaha! I love love LOVE these pictures! What an adorable little squirt! I hope she continues to enjoy the cereal and that it helps to make everyone a little more comfortable! Kisses to all of you xo


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