Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Highlights

I am so thankful for many things that occurred this year. Frankly, it's hard to pick the highlights....but here's my attempt:

Obviously, Clara's birth is at the top of my list. No explanation necessary.

Kenzie turned 12. A true miracle. (In addition, Kenzie's ACL surgery went well and my parents have done an amazing job caring for her during the recovery.)

We celebrated Alain's 40th birthday!! I met Alain when he was 21 and I'm still amazed at how long we've been together. It makes me so happy to share this birthday with him. I'd try hard to describe how much I love this old guy but, trust me, there are no words.....

Any trip to NYC is a highlight of my year. Yes, I know it was predictable but I don't care. I love New York.

Aunt Valerie came for a visit. And I do love me some Aunt Valerie. Only she and Lil' Wayne understand me. Hee hee...

The Sheep Dog Trials. It was just a happy day and I loved it. (This is also one of my favorite photos from this year!)

I became a Mom again and there was no post-partum depression. It may seem silly to choose something that didn't happen as a highlight but, you can trust me on this one, I was scared and it was such a relief to not relive that nightmare.

My friend Dori planned a brunch to celebrate Clara's upcoming arrival. It was so sweet and my friend Elizabeth made this gorgeous cake. And, the cake just seemed so Audrey.

Hubbsie turned 10. He definitely started to slow down this year but he's doing great!

I made two amazing new friends this year. Nathalie and Elizabeth. Otherwise known as Donna and Martha (as in Hay & Stewart). They have been my saviors. I enjoy their company more than I can express here. They inspire me and make me happy. Thank you, ladies. (Since I don't have a photo of us to share, I'm doing the next best thing and sharing photos of three of our littles together. From our hilarious trip to the Pumpkin Patch. I've checked the box "Take Trip to Pumpkin Patch" from the Suburban Mom checklist! NOTE TO SELF: GET A DAMN PHOTO OF SELF WITH NAT AND ELIZABETH!) Now that I think about it, this entry should be near the very top of the list!

The Mother-Daughter Beach Trip with Sophie. Hilton Head in April. Time alone with Sophie. This is not only a highlight of 2011 ~ it's a highlight of my life. I will never forget it!

The Beach Picnic on the last night of our family's beach trip in September. Everything about it was divine....just perfect. The sunset. The food. The wine. The nature. Our new family's first beach trip together. It could be my favorite moment of the entire year. So I'll end with this one....

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  1. What a lovely post! I found you on Dawn's May All Seasons Be Sweet to Thee.

    You have two small children, you must be busy!
    Happy new year!


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