Monday, December 26, 2011

Suburban Field Journal

Recently I noticed a sign on the border of our county....... it states that we are a "Golden Fit Community". I had no idea what that meant so I looked it up. The below is taken directly from the Fit Community website:

Fit Community designations and grants reward North Carolina communities for creating and implementing a sustainable action plan to avoid or remedy preventable chronic health problems in their area. This community has been awarded a gold level status which means that we've made outstanding achievements in these areas.

Really? REALLY?

I'm not sure who took the time and effort involved in applying for this designation for our county. They obviously don't shop where I do.

Less than half a mile in each direction of this very sign are two shopping centers. Stop by on any given day and this is what you'll see.....

Shopping Carts EVERYWHERE

Even those people parked RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STORE can't be bothered to walk the cart a mere 20 feet to keep it off the sidewalk.

Some people can't even be bothered to AT LEAST park the abondoned cart on the grassy island. Nope. They just leave it right out in the parking space. It's now someone else's problem.

This is a very nice part of town. You'd think people would be better socialized and take more pride in their surroundings.

Think again.

Golden Fit Community? I don't think so. How can we be fit if we can't take a short walk to put the cart back where it belongs? Something so simple.

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