Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Artsy Afternoon Delight

The box has been checked. YAY! I've been away from work for about a year and a half now and I finally did my SAHM* duty. I went to Michael's, bought some arty farty supplies and did the stereotypical art project with my child. As most of you know, this is just not my gig. We pay Small Hands Big Art and Soph's school good money to expose our daughter to tons of art projects (which I just happen to think is really important!). When I was small, arts and crafts was always my favorite thing at school/camp/etc. But doing it at home with my three year old just doesn't float my boat. It's something about the mess and the glue and the glitter being stuck to everything for months. Yet I couldn't let go of this pressure in the back of my mind that this was what I was supposed to be doing with my child. Well, it's done now. Going forward, we'll just stick to playing Matchbox cars and dipping our feet in the kiddie pool in the backyard......that appeals to me more and always makes my little Sophers happy.

Starting supplies (okay, yes, I really just wanted to take a picture of my favorite owl cup):

I found all these delightful little supplies in the $1 bin at Michael's. To surprise Sophie, I bought all of it in green. Her favourite colour (Valerie, are you reading?). To borrow Farrow & Ball's saying, "Any colour as long as it's green" ~ that would be Sophie's thought on color.

I love buttons and thought they looked so pretty in my little green dish. It also reminded me of Jennifer's post on her blog (which I LOVED!):
The artist's touch. In Sophie's world, MORE IS MORE. The exact opposite of her mother.
Sophie's finished product. WAIT, where did that orange come from??? This tricky child went and snuck in some Crayola markers while I was busy working on my own art card. Hee hee. How about those MASSIVE glue globs under the buttons??? Also, please note the backwards "S" that she drew on the left hand side of the card. She was so proud to show that to me. I also think that's a backwards "R" in the middle (in green)....that most likely signifies her favorite friend, Rex. Aaawww....
Note to self: Help child to draw letters in the "not backwards" form.
* This is the short form of Stay-At-Home-Mom, a term that I loathe and despise. I'd go into all the reasons I hate this term (hate is not a strong enough word) but you don't have all day and I don't like making enemies. As my mother-in-law would say, "Zum kotzen" (a phrase that I've used pretty much daily since the first time I heard it, for all kinds of things ~ thanks, Cris). Every time I use SAHM, which is actually never, I think of Heather Armstrong's (of Dooce fame) interpretation of SAHM. I promised myself I would not use profanity on my blog (sometimes I have to sit on my hands) and I won't. So here's a disguised version. Sh*t A$$ H0 MotherF*cker. Yes, that's much, much better. Thanks, Heather! (My apologies to any prudes who might be reading!)

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