Monday, May 10, 2010

Happiness is....

* My four wonderful girlfriends who took me out to a birthday dinner and made me feel very special.

* A dog wash:

(Bet you can't guess which of my pups despises the bath!!!)
* In case you missed it, Heather from A Day in the Country commented on my blog. Yippee.
* My new garden sign:
(Just in case, you know, one was lost and thought they'd arrived at the shopping mall or the neighborhood golf course!!! Hahaha....)
* My very first radish:
(Our official radish taste tester, Alain, says it was delicious and flavorful but pungent.)
* This beautiful, downright ridiculously cute, baby bunny that is currently living in our front yard:
* Going to dinner to see my lovely friend, Kristen, who is visiting from Pittsburgh. Even better, learning that she's expecting her first child in October.
* Reconnecting with old friends at said dinner and inviting them over for a very enjoyable brunch on Sunday.
* Being pampered by my sweet little family on Sunday. If only one could have a Starbucks Chai, fresh flowers and the newspaper in bed every morning. Aaahhh....

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