Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garden Photos!!!

As promised...
I created this wagon for Alain after he saw a similar one in a magazine article and said he'd like one for our garden. They're ivy geraniums and they are magnificent. Our neighbors lean over the fence to compliment it on a regular basis.

My very first broccoli head ever. I'm a proud Mama. It wasn't there one night and the next morning.....TADA! I love how that happens...

A shot from one end. I love how Hubbs always find his way into my photos. He's just checking things out. I'm so happy he's back home!!! Can you get over the size of those cabbage leaves???
You can also see my two compost bins at the rear.

A shot from the other end. Soph's new playhouse is in the background. How cute is that? I'm growing scarlet runner beans up that trellis in the center. That plant is supposed to grow big red blooms (along with the beans, of course). I can't wait for that!!!

Have I mentioned that our peach tree is currently weighed down by hundreds of peaches? We can't even believe it! Our fingers are crossed that they make it to harvest....


  1. wow, your garden is sooo far ahead of mine! Also, your brocolli is fabulous! Your raised beds look so tidy - mine are so weathered - but such is life! Thank you for the extremely kind post below about the rather sweet life - you are a lovely lady indeed!

  2. Hi Heather! Thanks for writing. We're looking forward to a lot of garden entertaining this year ~ I'm sure a rather sweet life will provide some inspiration. Now if only I could find those chicken cups (too cute!)....


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