Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My New Favorite Thing

This ruffled shower curtain. Ridiculous, right?

One of my favorite pastimes is shopping around at Anthropologie. Those folks have got it right. Their displays are to die for. I love the vintage pieces they find. Funnily enough, I almost never look at the clothes because I can never make it out of the house/garden area without getting into trouble. On a recent trip, I spotted this shower curtain. I almost bought it right on the spot but then remembered that I'm not working at the moment and I can't just throw down cash whenever and wherever I feel like it. It's quite pricey and would require a slight bathroom remodel but how beautitul is this? I can't even decide which color(s) I like better. And I find myself daydreaming of what else I could do with this "curtain". Please, someone, everyone, tell me I don't need this curtain!!!

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