Monday, May 17, 2010

Big, Fat Broccoli Head

Yesterday was a big day at our house. We harvested our very first broccoli head. It was humungous!!! Ten inches across and nine inches wide. Yes, I measured it. I wanted to weigh it also but I don't own a food scale. Note to self: buy a food scale. Isn't it a beauty?

We boiled the broccoli because I knew there were probably some loopers buried in there feasting. I was right. We found about four. I've never inspected my food as carefully as I did yesterday. Regardless, I'm sure I ingested some extra protein.

Our resident chef, Alain, did a wonderful job cooking it. He did something with olive oil and lemon. It was might tasty. Talking about Farm to Table.....I harvested the head, Alain cooked it and it was on the table in less than 1/2 an hour. Pretty amazing. It left us all feeling really good. Me especially. The looper wars are almost over........(sigh of relief).....

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