Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Evening Stroll

Last night I took the time to stroll through the garden at dusk. Everything is so beautiful at that time of day. The lighting is perfect. Just wanted to share a few of the things I saw....

The baby birds are gone. Yesterday was the first quiet day in a while. I missed those little squeaks so much. It seems much too soon for them to be gone already. I just hope they left in a good way and it wasn't a predator or something. They still seemed so tiny and fragile. Anyway, I've always been completely fascinated by birds nests. Even with a step ladder, I couldn't reach the nest so here's a peek through the branches. Isn't it lovely???

Here, all nestled in the heart of suburban hell, I consider us lucky. We actually have some tall hardwoods in our backyard. Here's a peek looking up through the canopy. Of course, a picture could never do justice but still....

One of our first Cherokee Purple tomatoes.... (HOW EXCITING!!!)

Since this is my first year growing cantaloupes, I am learning a lot about these plants. They seem to suit my rather Type A personality. I love how each branch of the plant sticks almost perfectly straight up. They also seem to be perfectly spaced. And there's a tiny little yellow bloom at the bottom of each one. Oh no, this means a TON of cantaloupes, right?

Aaahhhh, the joys of lavender. This is only my second bloom ever. But I LOVE IT. It's like a tiny slice of Provence right in my side garden. I am pretty sure I could be happy with a lavender farm. Just sayin'.....

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